Welcome to Julie Loses!

Hi, my name is Julie and welcome to my new blog!  I’m starting this as an online journal to follow my progress towards a healthy lifestyle transformation.

I’ve been overweight nearly my entire life, and dieting has failed me.  I’ve dieted my way all the way up to where I am now.  Recently I’ve found a medically-supervised weight loss program in my area called “20-20 Lifestyles”, which  I start today.  For me, the program will be 32-weeks long, but I know that this journey will go on for the rest of my life.

My goal is to get fit enough to enjoy an active lifestyle — a life where I can have a great time hiking, riding a bike, going kayaking, and traveling. Presently, my life is almost completely lived indoors. To be honest, I’m a bit of a shut-in. I suffer bouts of anxiety, and depression. Body aches, frequent illness. And I’m sick to death of it.

This is not the life I want.  So I’m taking this time for myself to dig my heels in and push harder than I ever have before in an effort to make the life I want.

This journal is mostly for me, but I’m happy to share the road with you.


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