Days 2 & 3 Recap + Video

Well, I’m Day 3 into the 20/20 Lifestyles program, and so far things are going really well! After an initial worry about menu planning was worked out with my dietitian, the food has been pretty easy. And I’ve fixed the whole ice debacle so things are better with the shakes. I also learned that I am not a fan of raspberries in my shakes. Too many seeds! Have I mentioned that I’m a picky eater with texture issues? If not, that’s a case in point. I had to swallow most of the shake down like you swallow pills. Strawberries work just fine for me, so I’ll stick with them.

I’ve been relying on my baked chicken breast with Fiesta Lime or Chipotle Mrs. Dash seasonings, black pepper, and lime juice for all my self-appropriated protein (to complement the protein shakes), and either avocado or unsalted peanuts for my added fats. I’m not feeling deprived of anything. I get my sweet, my creamy, my spicy, and my savory so I’m good.

The only negative so far is that on the first two days of the plan I felt extremely lethargic in the afternoons, by about 3:00 PM, and ended up napping both days. Not the worst side effect, especially because I’m not working presently and I don’t have kids (well, besides my one-year old Boston Terrier), so I’m generally free to nap as needed. But as I said, that’s really the only negative so far. I’ve been feeling a little more hungry (on my pre-plan norm of nutritious eating I rarely felt hungry at all) when I wake up and right before a meal, but it’s only Stage 1, so I’ll manage.

Below is a video recap of what I’m calling my first “real” workout, which occurred earlier today. On Wednesday it was mostly just a meet and greet with my trainer and I only spent about 15 minutes doing any sort of cardio. Today I started with a 20-minute warmup followed by 15 minutes of insane cardio (for me), some strength training that showed me how much I need to work on my legs (ouch!), and concluded with 15 minutes of nice stretching. Had some moments when I thought “This is too much, too soon!”, but I left feeling properly worked out, yet not dead. So, a win!


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