10 Week Assessment

Got my 10-week measurements done a few days ago and just found the results. Circumferences in inches.

Initial (Sept 2013) / Current (Dec 2013) [difference]

Weight: 266 / 237 [-29]
Blood pressure: 126/82 / 112/64 [borderline high to PERFECT!]
Neck: 16 / 14.25 [-1.75]
Chest: 54.75 / 50 [-4.75]
Waist: 51 / 43 [-8]
Hip: 57.25 / 52.5 [-4.75]
Arm: 19 / 16.5 [-2.5]
Leg: 36 / 29.25 [-6.75]

That’s 28.5 inches lost, total! I meet with my program physician tomorrow to review my results. I’d also like to reset my program goal. We had originally set a pie-in-the-sky number of 150, but I feel I need to have a program goal that is attainable by the end of my Phase 2. I’d really like to target 199 lbs for that. I have 22 weeks remaining between the last half of Phase 1 and all of Phase 2, and I’m pretty sure losing 38 lbs in that amount of time will be a reasonable challenge. Plus it will be the first time I’ve seen “onederland” in about 15 years.


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