Video Update: I Posit a Caloric Concern

First video of the new year, wewt! In the following video, I celebrate the completion of my New Years Resolution, mourn the (hopefully-temporary) loss of my favorite personal trainer, and discuss some shared concerns about my caloric intake.  This one’s a long one at nearly thirty minutes, so watch when you have some time to kill!

Stay tuned for more info on the calorie situation and a progress report on my massage and facial! And of course thanks for watching!


5 thoughts on “Video Update: I Posit a Caloric Concern

  1. I really enjoyed your video blog. You are asking yourself some good questions, and your honesty with yourself and your viewers is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey!

  2. Julie!!

    SO many things to say about this!!!

    1) the calorie thing. I have so been where you are. I was seeing the biggest loses when I was (for my height/weight at the time – 5 ft 7, 270ish) TDEE-ing baseline 2lb loss-ing around 1600 cals a week. Until I just stopped losing after months of eating well and working out. SO, of course, I was eating slightly less. When I upped to 1900 I suddenly started losing MORE. Weird.

    Calories are such a fickle beast. My doctor always tells me that anything below (for any body weight/type) 1,000 is dangerous. Your body and brain still needs enough calories to function, right? And that’s AFTER exercising. The thing about MFP is that it’s already calculating your loss for the week, so if you workout 500 extra calories, you *Should* be eating those back, since you’re already restricting your calories through intake alone. Wow, that was a mumble-jumble sentence.

    Like you said … it’s so hard. I would, if anything, see if you can get a 2nd opinion. Health is a scary thing to limit to just one person’s opinion. Like you said – be experimental! I really think that 1200 might be a great thing for you, especially if you’re being active.

    2) I think you’re doing an AWESOME awesome AWESOME job with all of this. It can be so overwhelming to navigate a world of pizzas and bistros and breweries and movie theaters. You are amazing. ❤

    3) three cheers for SWIMMING! I'm going back next week, and I cannot wait. LET'S DO THIS!! Virtual high-five!

    I"m so looking forward to connecting more with you this year. xoxo!

    • 1) Yay!
      2) Yay!
      3) High-five right back at ya!

      I appreciate you watching and am glad we’ve been able to connect. I’ve been following for awhile now but just finally got the urge to actually promote the site outside of just posting the link on my Twitter profile! Stay tunes, as I’m following up on the calories question in a new post!

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