Video Quickie: My New Favorite Thing Edition – TEA!!

A little too excited

A little too excited

Uh oh, tea's gone!

Uh oh, tea’s gone!

Wherein I sing the praises of herbal tea. Specifically: Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Herbal Tea and Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea (this one’s caffeinated – naughty!). Had to add the H&S tea to my Amazon wishlist so I wouldn’t forget about it (as it’s not available at my grocer). Was reading the reviews and someone compared it to the flavor of Red Hots. That is exactly right! Candy in calorie-free tea form? YES PLEASE.

Got any tea suggestions for someone new to the genre?


3 thoughts on “Video Quickie: My New Favorite Thing Edition – TEA!!

  1. I am huge fan of Rishi and Numi teas. Rishi’s Chocolate Chai and Vanilla Mint Chai are amazing! Numi makes an amazing Orange Spice and Jasmine Green. If I’m not drinking a chai, I’m usually drinking green tea.

    This is a great article on tea. But I’m going to put a disclaimer on it. It will bum you out about some major tea brands. But only if you care about things like toxins and GMOs, etc. lol

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