Week 15 Measurements

Got my 15-week measurements done last Friday! Below are the results. Brackets show total loss since September of 2013.

Weight: 227.6 lbs [-38.2 lbs]
Neck: 14″ [-2]
Chest: 48.75″ [-6]
Waist: 41″ [-10]
Hip: 51.75″ [-5.5]
Bicep: 16.5″ [-2.5]
Thigh: 29.5″ [-6.5]

That’s a total of 32.5 inches down from those 6 areas! I’m a whopping 10 (T-E-N!) INCHES DOWN from my waist alone. Holy crap, that’s nearly a foot! Now, if you were to look at my Week 10 measurement results, you would see some weirdness with the bicep and thigh measurements, but my trainer assured me that those will be different based on who is doing the measuring (they are supposed to measure the length of each segment and use the circumference of the exact middle, but placement differs based on the measurer, I guess??), and not to be discouraged. Okay, then!

I’ll be meeting with my program physician tomorrow for him to review the results with me, and I expect more back-patting and aggrandizement. I haven’t had any physical setbacks this period, though I should probably mention that I’m getting into cycling and having all sorts of weird pains pop up. Overall a good show so far.


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