Weigh-In Report for End of Week 18

I’ve just completed my 18th week on the 20/20 Lifestyles Program, and I’m very pleased to report that the scale was nice to me today and I weighed in at 222.4 lbs. That’s a whopping 3.8 lbs loss from last week… Woot! After a 0.4 lbs loss last week I decided to try calorie-cycling to see if that would boost my loss rate. I wouldn’t call it a cut-and-dried proven theory, but I have had a good stroke of luck while cycling between the 900’s and the 1100’s every other day in the past as well. The other tactic I employed was that I reduced my intake of grains and most of my added carbs came from fruit instead. And I didn’t really miss the bread too much, so that’s something to consider when I fall into those brief plateaus.

Feeling pretty good. Had a rough time last week, emotionally, and my team at the club caught on. I received a nice email from my nutritionist shortly thereafter announcing she had left a little pick-me-up for me at the front desk. It was a gift certificate for a free hour-long personalized massage – so nice! I’ll definitely be making use of that soon, as I’m holding a lot of stress in my trapezius area. (Random factoid: “Trapezius” might be my favorite-named muscle!)


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