Video Update: Approaching a Barrier – So Close!

In this installment, I talk a little about approaching a numerical “barrier” on the scale, my history with Jenny Craig (where I briefly “blog-drop” the fantastic Kelly at No Thanks To Cake), my need for speed (er, tea), and why I can’t delve too deeply into my thoughts about “The Biggest Loser”. Thanks for watching!


One thought on “Video Update: Approaching a Barrier – So Close!

  1. Your tea addiction is adorable. And by adorable I mean it makes me feel so much better about my own tea obsessions.
    And as soon as you said tea sachet, I totally broke into this song mentally.
    Then you said it and I started cracking up. So thank you for my morning laugh.

    So proud of your loss and that you had a good time at the gym. Your gym sounds lovely. I used to belong to one that had the media room thing as well and I really miss it!

    When you started talking about lowest weight and thresholds I totally felt like you were in my head! My lowest weight was 220. That’s when I got off track and started gaining. So 220 has been one of my major goals. I’m nearing a 260 goal which is also some sort of mental milestone for me as up until that point I was able to wear certain clothes in my closet.

    Anyway, have an awesome day and keep up the good work! 🙂

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