Video Quickie: I’m a Sickie

Blargh. I fancied myself a smalltime superhero for avoiding the various winter coughs, colds, and flus that’ve been plaguing people all season. But alas, it seems some germs have broken through and landed on my vocal cords. If you’re at all interested in a newer green smoothie recipe (or hearing my delightfully seductive sickly-voice), go ahead and click “play” below! Now, I’m off to play some Diablo III.


3 thoughts on “Video Quickie: I’m a Sickie

    • I play WoW as well! I’ve been tapering off, but I have a level 90 arms warrior on Durotan US server named Wezmerelda 🙂 Used to raid, but I was too competitive and it made me crazy. Do miss it sometimes though. Now I’m just really into pet battles 😀


  1. Me too! Pet battles that is. I used to raid. Back in vanilla. My guild was awesome. I had WoW friends. Then everyone quit. And now I’m stuck on a blah server with my husband who I think finally tired of playing.

    I actually haven’t played in a couple of months. I knew if I played I’d never get into a solid workout routine.

    Plus there was an incident with my gaming computer. One that involved lights flickering and needing to call an electrician. I’ve been afraid to turn it back on. But I just renewed my subscription over the weekend. I miss my pets.

    And then my iPhone died and I forgot to backup my authenticator code. *smacks self in head* 400 hours on the phone with blizzard and maybe I’ll be able to log back in. (And online support is down at the moment. Sigh.)

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