1st Annual St Paddy’s Green Day Challenge

I don’t drink Guinness or eat corned beef, guys, so to make St Patrick’s Day festive this year I’ve decided to incorporate a food-related challenge. Today I will include green food at EVERY meal, including snacks. And artificially-colored green stuff doesn’t count, so no pouring green food dye over your bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, even though that’s tempting…

green Day Challenge - Bfast

This morning I started with a spinach-centric smoothie of the following recipe:

– 6oz Fage 0% greek yogurt
– 42g of baby spinach
– 30g of banana
– 35g of frozen mango chunks
– 1/2 cup (120mL) of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
– 1 Tbsp of Bobs Red Mill Ground Flax Seed Meal
– 1 Tbsp ClearFiber supplement powder
– 1 Tbsp Organic Greens & Reds Supplement Powder
– a few cubes of ice


Lunchtime! Just a simple garden salad with some diced grilled chicken and yogurt dressing, recipe below!

– 85g mixed romaine and green leaf lettuce
– 4 oz diced grilled chicken breast
– 35g cucumbers
– 64g green, red, and orange bell pepper strips
– 40g cherry tomatoes, halved
– 30g Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch Yogurt Dressing

Snacktime! Uhhh, I have some cucumbers, so how about this?


Cucumbers count, right?!? Okay so I’ll admit it, the cheese on the cucumbers was weird. Ingredients list below:

– 2 oz sliced cucumbers
– 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle cheese
– 100g of red seedless grapes (individually hand cleaned/polished. I have grape OCD issues!)
– 100-calorie packet of Emerald Cinnamon Roast Almonds

Dinner was the most exciting meal of the day, by far…


I picked up my very first food processor on Sunday and had a chance to break it in for this dinner. I found this paleo-friendly Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce recipe online and it fit the bill for the Green Day Challenge perfectly! I made a few modifications, like replacing the bacon fat/tallow with a little olive oil spray for cooking the noodles, and I ended up adding about a half cup of lowfat milk because our avocados were not exactly ripe and needed the additional liquid to cream it up. I also added some grilled chicken for extra protein. Very garlicky, but delicious.

Dessert was a bit of an afterthought. After tracking my meals, I found myself to be a little short on the carb and calorie side, so I figured adding in a little green frozen yogurt wouldn’t hurt. A quick trip to my local Menchie’s franchise yielded me a little over 4 ounces of their flavor of the month, Key Lime Pie! As you can see, the puppy was especially intrigued. Artificially-colored, for sure, but c’mon, it’s DESSERT!



Did you tackle the challenge along with me? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments feed. Who knows, maybe I’ll make this an annual event (hence the post title), and come up with a clever hashtag or something for next year. Hope everyone had a fantastic St Patrick’s Day, and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “1st Annual St Paddy’s Green Day Challenge

  1. I have to share that I duped the kids into eating a ton of spinach for dinner by making “green eggs” for the holiday. I put eggs and spinach in the blender and then mixed until the spinach was pulverized. I scrambled them as usual and the kids declared they were way more fun than regular eggs. They tasted like regular scrambled eggs and looked like I had just added food coloring. There was no spinach evidence. I’ll be putting this meal into regular rotation!

    • Thanks for sharing, Sara! That actually sounds awesome and I think I might try it a little later this week. Did you serve it with that weird green ketchup, lol? Spinach is one of my favorite green foods and I’m always looking out for new ways to include it. Thanks again for the tip!

  2. I’m in!!! I think one of the greens I need to focus on is Kale. It’s one that I love but haven’t been eating recently. 😦 Try the laughing cow on celery next time? Or do a green wrap. I usually go with a kale or collard leaf. I make them for my Mom all the time. Spread a wedge of cheese on the leaf, a slice of turkey or ham and maybe a squirt of condiment, then roll it up. My usually just consist of a leaf, hummus and veggies. 🙂

    • I know in this age of Whole Foods and farmer’s markets it sounds crazy, but I must admit: I’ve NEVER. HAD. KALE. (And while I’m confessing I’ve only had hummus once, but it didn’t win me over) Your idea for a wrap does sound interesting. I’d have to save it for a day where I’m low on sodium because I can never find deli meats that aren’t swimming in the stuff. Which is tragic, because I love me some deli-sliced turkey breast!! What great ideas, though!

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