Let’s Talk About Food, Shall We?

A lot of this blog is about posting results, sharing my successes and fitness ventures, and delving a little into emotional issues that surround weight loss. But it appears I’ve been remiss in not sharing information about the kinds of foods I find myself eating as I make my way along. All the experts seem to say that weight loss is made (mostly) in the kitchen, not in the gym, so it’s an important part of my journey. Let’s talk a little about what I eat!

First things first, no nutritional program works for every individual. We all have different needs, issues, trigger foods, and exclusions (health- or ethics-centered) and what has worked for me may not work for you. That out of the way, I have to admit: I cannot believe some of the stuff that I get to eat! In all my life, “dieting” has been about restriction – about not getting the kinds of foods I thought I “enjoyed” – Mexican food, ice cream, pizza. Dieting would be a period of time I needed to take a break from my normal fare and eat “the healthy stuff” to lose weight, with no real plan for what happens afterward.

The reality with weight loss is that, while one CAN trudge through a restrictive diet like the one I mentioned above, it doesn’t set you up for lasting weight loss. People who spend a year eating from a place of restriction (if they can make it that long) are likely to spend the next putting as much junk in their trunk as they can manage. It’s not our fault we do that – it’s how our bodies work. It’s called a survival instinct!

So how does one “win” in this reality? Well, it involves learning to eat all over again. And in my case, I think lasting success is going to require me being able to partake in those enjoyable foods in a balanced way. I’ll make some examples below, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty.





  • 20/20 Whole Wheat Chicken Vegetable Pizza (490 cals)
  • 20/20 Grilled Chicken with Pesto Zucchini (350 cals)
  • Chipotle Burrito Bowl (615 cals)
  • Panera Half-sandwich, half turkey chili (or half salad), with apple


I could go on and on with dinners – that’s where I explore the most with recipes. I like to take pictures of my food, occasionally, so below is a gallery of the types of foods I’ll eat from day to day.

Sure, my dietary intake is not perfect – I could always add more fresh vegetables, for example (it’s a goal I’m working towards) – but it’s light years beyond the kind of food I was eating before. Well over 50% of what I eat is made at home, and that is revolutionary for me. I am forever indebted to those denizens of the internet who post healthy recipes online. I don’t feel very creative in the kitchen, and finding yummy recipes that I can emulate has been key in my success.

As for the nuts and bolts, I average between 1000 and 1400 calories per day (sometimes more, rarely less), and try to hit a macronutrient makeup of 35% protein, 25% fats, and 40% carbs. I weigh and measure everything I can, and track everything as closely as I can. And if I have a craving that doesn’t go away after a day or two, I allow myself to indulge (I’m looking at you, Five Guys!) and move on with the regularly scheduled programming.

The biggest takeaway: I still get to enjoy Mexican food, ice cream (froyo and banana soft serve come CLOSE ENOUGH!), and pizza on a regular basis. These feed the taste buds I’ve developed over my lifetime AND allow me to lose weight (and even gain muscle, what the heck?!?). I often step back and think, “Wow, I can’t believe I can eat like this and still lose weight!” It seems a little too good to be true when I’m noshing on a shredded pork burrito with sour cream and guacamole, but it’s working for me.

How is your food working for you in your weight loss strategy? Any surprises?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Food, Shall We?

  1. Everything looks delish. I actually have mexican stuffed zucchini in the ridge for hubbys dinner tonight and was planning on mexican zucchini noodles for myself. Om nom nom! Loved seeing all your yummy foods!

    • Do share your mexican zucchini noodles recipe! I have some zucchini in the fridge and a, um, noodler(??) just waiting to inflict damage to my fingers again! But seriously, share!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is an interesting read for me – never heard of the 20/20 diet and have now done a little research. My macros look pretty different and I am not a calorie counter, but one of the things I do love about my lifestyle is I still get to eat delicious food, albeit different delicious to my old self!! And girl. Mexican, YUM!

    Tillie @HelloTillie

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