New Vlog: Bingeing & Ugly Crying

Imma let this video speak for itself.


One thought on “New Vlog: Bingeing & Ugly Crying

  1. Not sure how much good virtual hugs from a stranger can do, but sending you some just in case! Your video really resonated with me as I’m hitting a very similar point in my otherwise very successful weight loss journey. It is a very sobering reminder that the struggle will always be there…but it is also a wonderful reminder that we always, always have some fight left in us!

    I really wish there were some resources for how to handle illness and injury during a serious weight loss effort. Those are the two things that have threatened to derail me, and it is frustrating! Started with a weird summer cold…overall it was pretty mild, but I still had several days of low energy and feeling out of sorts. And when you’re sick, lean protein and veggies just don’t really appeal. I really felt like I NEEDED something different to eat, but I just wasn’t sure what. I ended up at Chick-fil-A (more than once)…not bingeing, not going crazy…but I couldn’t shake the feeling that what I was doing was “wrong”. Now I’m dealing with leg injury after pushing a bit too hard in my workouts, and I’m panicking about that…I am so much better when I can keep up my regular routine and for me that means lots of gym time and tons of steps on my Fitbit. I know I need to rest to heal, but I’m afraid that I’ll lose that momentum (and remember how nice it was to sleep in every morning).

    There is a great line in the theme song from Orange is the New Black that I come back to frequently: taking steps is easy; standing still is hard. Sometimes you have to force yourself to STOP, stand still, and really think about your behavior rather than allow yourself to coast on autopilot. And I think that is exactly what you’re doing here…taking a minute to recognize something isn’t right, acknowledge the mistakes/struggles, and really try to understand them so you don’t let one or two mistakes turn into an avalanche of bad decisions. And also important: you have to forgive yourself…because we’re human, and none of us are perfect.

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