Setbacks Don’t Last Forever

The title above is something I’m working hard to remember this week. You see, on Tuesday I spent the day prepping for a big event on Wednesday: we were getting air conditioning installed in our house, woot! So that meant running myriad errands on Tuesday. I hit up Target, and Home Depot, and went to the grocery store…

And then my back, which had been feeling a bit iffy in the days leading up, completely tensed up, causing sharp pain and general immobility. So much so that I needed to call my husband back from work to assist me.

It wasn’t fun! And it totally disrupted my plans and the routine I had gotten into. I was supposed to oversee the A/C install on Wednesday, start back at the gym on Thursday, and continue with my food making, water drinking, and tracking. All that gets tossed to the wayside when your back decides to be a ninny.

So up to today, I’ve been resting my back and making careful movements around the house to let it relax and heal. It’s really worked for me, but the backslide was definite. I cut my water intake down so I wasn’t running to the bathroom every hour. And food has been convenience only; I’ve relied on my husband to provide food, mainly. He doesn’t really cook much – especially after working so hard every day –  so it’s been a lot of frozen pizza and takeout, or Soylent meal replacement drinks.

Only today am I feeling more self-reliant, and I’ve put myself on a liquid “diet” for the day (Soylent and Orgain protein shakes) to feel a little less mired down after the inactivity, dehydration, and junky eating I’ve been experiencing since Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ll get back to a more normal eating method.

And I gotta say, I’m proud of myself.

Proud for not feeling stuck. Proud for not taking this setback as a loss of momentum. Proud for not letting this experience trash my willingness to keep moving forward. Sure, it has been a hiccup (and to be fair, on Tuesday I cried a little feeling like my back had, once again, sidelined my plans), but as I said in the title, setbacks don’t last forever.

It doesn’t matter that I had to devolve a bit into old patterns for a few days, because I was doing the best I could do on those days. And today I’m able to still do my best, which happens to be a bit better than the previous day. They all won’t be better than the last, but when needed I can wait it out and get back on the proverbial horse when I can. No sooner. No pressure. No shame spiral.

Looking ahead to the coming week, continuing the forward momentum is my goal. Continue with tracking, get to the gym once or twice (only light stuff – this is more to get a feel for the facility, get comfortable there so when I can hit it hard, I won’t be intimidated like I often am in a new environment), and get back to preparing the majority of my own meals. And to get back to drinking my water! This starts today, so excuse me while I end this now, ‘cuz I gotta hit the ladies’ room! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Setbacks Don’t Last Forever

  1. I just saw your feed pop up in Feedly and wanted to say that I’m so glad you are back to blogging (and maybe vlogging?)! I have always found your posts to be real, inspiring, honest, and insightful and I am looking forward to reading your updates and/or watching your videos. I wish I were in a similar place as you where I felt like I could set some goals, but hopefully soon.
    Oh, and Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to both of us 🙂

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