Sick Week Update

This morning, after spending most of the night coughing and tossing and turning and being fairly miserable I decided to bite the bullet and email my 20/20 Lifestyles team to go on official medical hold. I missed my appointments last Monday and Tuesday but felt well-enough to hit my training appointment on Wednesday. But as of Thursday morning I was back to feeling real bad so called in sick for my Friday appointment. I had hoped that with the resting and self-care I’d be back to working condition by tomorrow, but my cough has not yet matured and I’m still feeling really miserable and run-down.

I’ve been spending my days on the couch, or in bed. Getting up enough to refill my water glass and make myself something to eat, but that’s about it. The good news? I’m now completely caught up on “House of Cards”, so no spoilers there. In fact I’m nearly out of things to watch on Netflix, so I’m soliciting suggestions.

I’ve tried really hard to maintain my nutrition during this down time. It’s rough. I can’t taste or smell much of anything, so nothing is really appetizing. And I’ve lacked the energy to spend much time in the kitchen as it is. Most of my meals had typically included dairy, and it’s been hard to pare that down. But I’m happy to report I’ve been hitting my minimums. Today was the most difficult day to stay on target, as my sleep was so awful last night, plus my boyfriend is also very sick. We’re quite the pair.

I weighed myself on Tuesday morning and was happy to see I was still moving down. The scale read 220.4, and my home scale is tested to be usually within 0.2 lbs of the scale at my official weigh-in. I broke out the scale this morning because I’ve been eager to break the 220 weight barrier, and I was stoked to see 218. Under 220! I wish it were under better circumstances, but I’ll take any win I can get right now.

I’m feeling a bit guilty about missing my gym appointments. On Wednesday, my trainer dropped a hint that she got into trouble for offering to reschedule the appointment I missed on Monday, and the last thing I want is to get anyone into trouble. She also mentioned that they don’t get paid for the hour when a client misses an appointment. There was a bit of a weird vibe, so on top of being sick I’ve also been feeling guilty. I always feel guilty when I’m sick, though. I’m just disappointed that hasn’t changed.

So that’s it for now. Hopefully by the time I check back in I’ll feel a lot better.


Video Update: Sunny Weather = Happy Julie

I know what you’re thinking: TWO VIDEOS within two days?!? I KNOW! I’m just feeling good and wanted to Memorex the moment, so to speak. In this installment, I discuss my big day out in the sun with my dog, Benny. I also announce a new book I’m reading, The Willpower Instinct by health psychologist and Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal. Stay tuned for more feedback on what should be a pretty interesting read. And lastly, I discuss my fear of dining out, and what I’m doing to break past it.

Also, I didn’t mention this in my video, but part of my good vibes today may be attributed to the fact that I was able to put on a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to wear IN YEARS. It’s a size 22 – a TINY size 22, if you know what I mean. These pants were the first things I grew out of several years back, so I’m excited to be able to wear them again. It’s a blessing and a curse – they’re the only pair of non-yoga pants that I’m not swimming in!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, today’s installment:

Video Update: Finding the Pride

It’s been a rough week, emotionally. Lots of family-related stressors have me feeling down, but I’m persevering and learning that I’m not a lazy good-for-nothing. I give a brief review of Trader Joe’s Peppered Uncured Turkey Bacon (not bad), celebrate my own Super Bowl Sunday victory, and tackle the stepmill for the very first time.

Video Update: Mood Disturbance, Crazy Feet, and #wycwyc

In this installment, I share commentary about a recent run-in with my bipolar mood disorder, chat about my recent visit to a podiatrist (my feet are hilarious, y’all!), and mention the #wycwyc community chat on Twitter!


  • After last week’s high, I definitely had a slumped mood earlier in the week, but was able to nip it in the bud and am back to feeling good!
  • just kidding

    4D xray of my left foot!

    In other news, my feet are riddled with bone spurs (especially on top – looks like a velociraptor!) SEE SIDE IMAGE —>

  • Caffeine is good for you (in small, well-timed doses).
  • Lastly, I am clearly not among the Twitter-elite but that didn’t stop me from taking part in the #wycwyc (What You Can, When You Can) community Twitter Chat this morning, like a total dork. See all my blabber here!

Links to some additional mentions:
Quad Lock Mounting System – the iPhone mount system I’ll be using in my car and on my bike
Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea – currently in the tie position for my fave tea

UPDATE: I’ve included an x-ray image here. Check out my awesome claw weapon in the making!

Video Update: N.E.A.T., Gamifying My Fitness, and More!

In this week’s update, I talk about:

– increasing my N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)
– fitness trackers (fitbit and and the gamification of activity
– my successful weigh-in this week. 3 POUNDS DOWN!
– the surprising gift of 4 additional Phase 1 weeks on the 20/20 Lifestyles Program
my epic dog walk

Week 4: Midweek Update

A quick update on how my 4th week on the program is going!

tl;dw: I’ve had a rough week and a half, but I’m chugging along and persevering through my first official rut. Feeling better every day!