Video Update: I Posit a Caloric Concern

First video of the new year, wewt! In the following video, I celebrate the completion of my New Years Resolution, mourn the (hopefully-temporary) loss of my favorite personal trainer, and discuss some shared concerns about my caloric intake.  This one’s a long one at nearly thirty minutes, so watch when you have some time to kill!

Stay tuned for more info on the calorie situation and a progress report on my massage and facial! And of course thanks for watching!


10-Week Progress Pictures!

Happy New Year, folks!

When starting the 20/20 Lifestyles program, I was photographed during my intake assessment. Usually, they take updated progress photos at the end of Phase 1, and again at the end of Phase 2 (if you take Phase 2). End of Phase 1 was still 10 weeks away for me, but I needed something objective to look at to see how far I’ve come. After asking nicely, they happily obliged, and I received an email with all the pics today. So, I submit for you now these official progress pictures – the first ones!!

Can you see any difference?

Can you see any difference?

Pretty stoked about the results!

Where Have I Been?

Wow, I have neglected this blog, and I regret it! Biggest surprise after this long silence is: I’M STILL ON 20/20! Yes, while there have been some hurdles (more below), I’m still hanging in there and am now 26.4 lbs down from where I started in September. It’s a frickin’ miracle!

So other interests had taken over (videogames) and I spent more of my free time playing rather than blogging, and for this I am sorry. Also, I hit a bit of a health snag that caused me to take a three-week break from the program. My digestive system gets dicey sometimes, and I had a series of painful incidents (one that led to a trip to the emergency room). When I started being able to actually EAT (I had been on a BRAT diet, basically), I went a little too far and started to binge.

I feel like I controlled it reasonably well. I maintained communication with my 20/20 counselor and dietician, sharing all my issues and setbacks, and found them to be very helpful in keeping me as on track (mentally if not program-wise) as possible. I never had the idea that I was going to drop out of the program. That’s been the status quo in my dieting history and that I had this persistence in the face of such calamity is a big win for me.

I’m now back on the program, seeing my trainer three times a week and my dietician weekly. My support group has also begun, and while everyone else seems to have missed a meeting or two, I’ve been there every single week. Apart from being sick, I had little reason to miss. And I value the idea of connecting with other program participants, so I prioritized it even when I was feeling, well, shitty.

It’s not been a piece of cake getting back into the swing of things. I’m terrified of causing more damage to my digestive system so eating enough of the right things has been a little difficult. I was getting under 1000 calories for many weeks, and only now am I creeping back up.

Also, my favorite salads ever are now off the menu. It appears I have some digestive sensitivity to lettuce and/or salad fixins. BUMMER. The only veggies I’m getting now are cooked. Carrots and celery in soup, basically. Sure, it sounds like a bit of a copout to avoid leafy greens but I’m 99% sure they don’t agree with me. At least for now. I also had to cut the 20/20 protein shakes out. This is a huge inconvenience, because the shake packets were a great way to keep my protein intake up. I tried again this past weekend and made a shake, and was in all kinds of intestinal distress for hours afterwards. It was not pretty and I learned my lesson.

Couple of cool new developments. On Friday, I just wasn’t “feeling” the gym. I reported to my training appointment early and started my warmup as usual, but when the short video was over (just around 10 minutes), I stopped. Tired. Sluggish. So I walked around to try to keep my blood pumping for my appointment and tried to think of ways to make my appointment not a total waste. My trainer was a college basketball player, and so I envisioned her 6’1″ frame blocking me at a game of one-on-one basketball. The mere idea made me laugh out loud as she was walking up to meet me. When I mentioned the funny image to her, she suggested we give it a shot.

While we didn’t do one-on-one, I spent about 45 minutes shooting hoops down on the gym’s pavilion level (new home of the old Seattle Supersonics court floor!). I haven’t thrown a basketball in about twenty years, but I was a pretty decent shot, if I do say so myself. And throwing the ball, jumping – and let’s be honest – running after the ball when I missed so many shots, sure got my heart rate up quickly. I was out of breath with a red-hot face and when I got around to checking my HR monitor 15 minutes in I was in the 160’s! My trainer had to force me to take slow walks around the court to get my heart rate down periodically. But I was having SO MUCH FUN. I’m feeling the workout today, though, boyyyyy howdy! My arms, my legs. All sore. But in a good way that tells me I worked hard. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do that ever so often so I don’t become too bored with the dreadmill.

And then when I got home a brand new indoor grill was delivered. I don’t ever grill outdoors myself, and living in the Pacific Northwest, even my partner Erik doesn’t get the opportunity to fire up the grill much. Especially in the winter. So after a little research we bought a well-regarded Cuisinart model and I cooked up some chicken for fajitas last night. And then some filet mignon today for lunch. This thing is amazing and I’m so excited we finally made the investment!

So hopefully I’ll remember to blog a little more often and report in my progress more regularly. Right now I’m still chugging along and enjoying the progress I’ve made!